Monday, September 13, 2010

Class Test Reflection 2: Digestion, Diffusion & Osmosis

Your reflections should describe your strengths and weaknesses in this test (Competency areas: Knowledge, Understanding & Application). Use specific examples from the questions to highlight these areas. In addition, describe how are you going to prepare for the coming Practical test (Term 4 Week 2).

Please follow this format:
i) Strengths: . . .
ii) Weaknesses: . . .
iii) Areas to improve: . . .
Provide some questions as examples.

Note: Please use scholarly language with no spelling or grammatical errors. Avoid slang or casual conversational writing.


  1. I seem to be much more better when it comes to questions which do not really require application. Such example is the last question, about the technical diagram and questions being asked on the digestive system. I would need to work on applying my knowledge into context. This could be done by reading up more and improve on widening my knowledge. Absorbing is not enough, but applying it. For the incoming practical test, I would most probably see through the procedures, and understand and know it so I would know it and not make any mistakes. Studying smart is also needed but not only work hard. Knowing which and what to understand affects the whole thing.

  2. I found this test rather manageable, as it was not very hard, yet not very easy. My strengths are that I could remember and apply what I have learnt in lessons to writing in the tests. Examples would be the questions on osmosis. Also, I could identify if the potato strip is placed in a certain solution, how it would look like after some time. I remembered to add the key words in my answers too.

    One of my weaknesses is that I am rather careless, and lose a mark in MCQ. I need to check more thoroughly during the test. I also missed out key points, which is where I lost another mark in the paper. I would need to revise again to make sure I remember the key points.

    I would be reading the notes, and try to go through the procedure in my head to remember better. Also, I would try to remember the different apparatus used in each test, and the key terms.

  3. For this test, I found out that it was somewhat manageable. Through this test, I manage to figure out my strength, which is applying what I have learnt. Also, I can think quite fast and critically.

    However, during the test, I was very careless as I misread some of the questions, which made me lose marks. Also, I panic very easily during that test because we were told beforehand that the test was going to be tough.

    I can improve more by reading each questions more carefully, and I should circulate my breathing before the test to calm myself down. For the upcoming test, I would pay really close attention and listen to instructions given during lessons in the class or the science lab. Furthermore, I will need to refresh my memory and revise after a day's lesson, so that I will not forget facts easily.

  4. For this test, I felt that I was too careless. I made unnecessary mistakes. Due to my carelessness, I wasted quite a few marks.Before and during the test, I was pretty nervous, even though I had prepared for the test. In future, I need to try to stay calm, so that I will not be distract, and I can think straight, to be able to answer the questions correctly.

    A weakness of mine is not being able to apply what I have revised from the notes to the questions. Most of the questions form this test was not very direct. I will need to overcome that weakness, so I will need to practise that. I will also need to be more careful of my spelling for the terms.

    I think maybe, in order to overcome all these weaknesses, maybe revising even more earlier would help me to do better.

  5. From this test, I learnt that one of my strengths is that I can easily look at the question and complete it quickly.

    One weakness i learnt was that I did not interpret the question correctly and wrote down the wrong answers. I also realised that I was very careless and missed out certain key words.

    I could correct my areas of weaknesses by slowing down more and reading the questions more carefully and making sure that before I go through the any tests, I have remembered the key points and that I know how to answer most questions specifically

  6. Khim

    For this test, I did not do well. I studied more for this test as compared to the previous test. But I made a lot of careless and unnecessary mistakes and lost quite a lot of marks because of that. This test also helped me find out my strengths and weaknesses in biology.

    Some of my weaknesses are that I cannot remember the spelling of key terms, missing out key words in the answers, I do not read the questions easily and I get too stressed up before the test causing me to forget most things that I have revised. Some of my strengths are that I understand most of the topics I have learnt and I can apply what I have remembered from revision to the questions in the test paper.

    Before the next test, I would like to overcome all my weaknesses and work on them more! (:

  7. In the test,i think that my strengths were that i could understand all the questions and i remember what i have learnt in lessons and used it.
    However,i think my weakness is is often forgot all the keywords,and some of these keywords cost 1 marks,and by not putting them in i lose my marks,when i could have gotten them right.
    For the next test,i should read my notes,this time covering all topics to be tested,and slowly and more in depth,so that i remember all important key phrases or words.

  8. I am now better at the "open ended" questions as compared to my first test. How ever, i think i still need to revise more on diffusion/ osmosis as i made a few careless mistakes there. I also need to remember the correct process of digestion and the elements involved and i ended up getting confused. Overall, i think i did better in this test than the last but there is a lot of room for improvement.

  9. For this test, i am quite satisfied with my results as i did quite well. Still i think there is room for improvement. I made mistake at the last question which was quite costly and I think it should not have been made. It could be that partly I misunderstood the questions to be for all cells. Still if I read the question more than once, it could have been avoided. I will learn to be more careful and check my work more in the future.


  10. I got the same marks as the previous test. I think i did quite well in the test. My strengths are that i could understand the questions and key concepts. I am also able to write down the key points and remember what is taught in class. However, my weaknesses are that i cannot apply the questions well and i forgot some of the improtant key concepts even though they are being emphasised in class. I think there are room for improvements.
    For the next test, i am going to study harder and read my notes in depth. Not only that, i am also going to understand the question and apply it to real life context.

  11. My marks for this test seems worse. Due to being sick, I missed out some of the notes so I was quite confused on the test day so I panicked and forgot some of the facts for the test. I think I could have done much better. The speed of me writing is quite slow so I did not manage to complete the paper. For the next test, I need to be more quick in action, and I will try to memorize more in detailed.

  12. In this test I found out that I sometimes get so engrossed in my answer I forget to write keywords for example the question about digestion. I did not write precipitate and I lost 2 marks for that question. Otherwise, I think i did well for the test apart from careless mistakes like leaving out keywords.

  13. I find myself confused about certain aspects of the biology methods. For example, when being ask to point out what type of conversions happened in the intestines, I had confused myself with the biurrets test. If I could find a way of knowing the lines by heart, it would beat memorising line by line, because I believe that memorising the lines would make the subject even more boring. Careless mistakes are also a problem. I was supposed to write the answer d, in one of the questions but ended up writing b.

  14. For this test, I feel that I have not done up to standard and made alot of mistakes due to carelessness or forgot certain concepts as I did not studied as much as the previous test. I felt that I am weaker are Digestion as I did not understood the information, Osmosis, as it was application and I could'nt apply what I have learnt to the question and also lastly, Cells as I could not remember the information. Thus, I feel that I could improve if I had studied more as this would enable me to remember what I have learnt in order for me to be able to apply them to the Questions of the Test and it is necessary for me to remember as the upcoming Practical Test involves lots of application work.

  15. For this test, I feel that I do not read widely enough and therefore was not able to answer a very simple question. I think Digestion would be a topic that i have to pay special attention to because it contains alot of things about amylase etc that i have to remember. I should have started studying earlier which would have helped me to remember them correctly. I should revise and do well for my Science Practical test which would help me boost my science results.

  16. My strengths are the topic Digestion. I did not read widely enough that is why I failed my test. I was also very careless in my readings. I feel that if I read my notes more ofetenly and read out-of-the-box books, I can achieve more.

  17. For this test, i felt that i did not did quite well as I think i was not very focus during the test and i think is for some reason i am not very sure. I should study and listen more and make sure i am able to cope with the on coming lesson so that i can do better in the next test.

  18. for this test, i felt that revising really did help and if i had not i could have failed. my strongest subjects were the villi and the digestive system, but was extremely weak in precipitates and the other ones relating to it. the areas i should improve is my ways of revision and focus more on my next practical exam.

  19. I found this test rather difficult and it really tested the knowledge that I have learned so far. However, I am glad about the results that I have achieved for this test.

    My strengths are that I am able to spot mistakes that I have made and correct them. However, my weaknesses are that I have bad time-management and I do not have time to check all my questions, I also missed out a few important points that I was supposed to add in my answer, such as the word precipitate.

    I believe that I can improve on my time management and I will also put aside more time to study for the next test.

    Lucas Chia